Meet The Coach

Our fundraising coach assists churches and para-church to raise the funds necessary to build a new church, renovate, or pay off debt that limits ministry growth. The Faith Based Fundraising coach is an experienced church leader who has been involved at every level of church life from parishioner, to volunteer, to board member and pastor.  He has served on boards that hired outside help, he has conducted his own campaigns, and has learned all the ins and outs of fundraising for church para-church capital projects.

Gord HallettGord Hallett

Gord Hallett has been actively involved in the fundraising sector since the early 80s.  Following his initial ministry as Pastor of numerous churches, Gord continued to be a learner.  His education includes a BTh, BBS, M.Min, MTS and he has taken numerous fundraising courses in Canada and the United States.

Throughout his twenty-three years as a pastor he served four churches, each having a capital campaign.  In addition to this he has also worked with Christian camps and Christian schools in capital projects.

Thru these capital campaigns Gord came to understand that money really matters to God and the church.  You will often hear him say “he loves what money can do for the kingdom”.  Money is powerful and it can make a difference.  It can help a church shoot for the moon or keep it bound to earthly restrictions and limit its redemptive opportunities.     

After leaving pastoral ministry Gord served as the Major Gifts Officer for Ambrose University in Calgary for ten years.

In November of 2016, upon the retirement of Dr. David Belsey, he took over the Ministry of Faith-Based Fundraising.

With over thirty years of service he has a deep reservoir of knowledge about what works in the Christian Community.  His passion is helping his clients build effective teams of volunteers to raise the necessary funds to see their vision accomplished.

Thru Faith-Based Fundraising he will provide practical strategic fundraising solutions that strengthen non-profits for long term success.  Whether your organization is just contemplating a campaign or requires extra momentum to reach your goal, Gord is here to help.

Contact Gord at:

306-513-8765 (cell phone) Save