Who We Are & What We Do

Today we are introducing a new ministry to assist with your church’s fundraising needs. Let’s take each concept in our logo in turn.

First, we are based on the Christian faith. This means that our values motivate us to work with churches in Canada that call themselves Christian, whether Protestant or Catholic.

Second, we see fundraising as it is outlined in Scripture, as an essential need for churches of all sizes and stripes. For the most part, churches in Canada are underfunded, and in need of resources for buildings and operational needs. Outside assistance can sometimes make the difference between growth and maintenance of ministry.

Third, we have collaborated with many fundraisers, sharing our training and expertise with one another, and learning together in the church environment.

Fourth, we can be trusted to keep your information safe, and based on our training and expertise, we will do all we can to make your fundraising needs a success.

Fifth, we are affordable compared to similar agencies with extensive overhead, and higher income expectations. As volunteers and donors to our own churches, we understand the financial constraints all churches face when attempting to balance the budget each year.

Sixth, we focus on assisting churches raise funds for capital needs. We have found that when churches conduct a well run capital campaign, donations to the operational budget increase exponentially.

Seventh, we coach by providing the environment for a successful campaign and at the same time, provide tools and ideas, motivate, and solve problems for you to acquire the resources for your ministry.

We invite you to contact us to find out how we can help you with your church capital campaign goals.