A Daunting Task: Paying Off Debt

A Daunting Task: Paying Off Debt

Arlington Beach Camp

Paying off debt is not an easy task, it is even more difficult for a para church organization.  This Christian camp had installed a new water filtration system a number of years-ago.  They didn’t have capital to pay for the project so they had to borrow a significant amount of money.  Now several years later they still owed over $130,000.00.  Making payments plus interest plus meeting their annual budget of $166,000.00 was becoming a daunting task.  To make matters worse a number of their buildings were in much need of repair.

I met with the Board and planted the vision of a global campaign.  This included paying off the water filtration debt, meeting their annual budget, eliminating some demand loans and enough money to cover the needed renovations.  It would be a three-year campaign with a goal of over $800,000.00.

After our initial vision casting and planning meeting the Board all agreed.  We put together an appropriate theme and materials were printed.

The success of the campaign was a result of the in-home visits.  Board members were trained on how to conduct an in-home visit, cast the vision and make an ask for support from donors who wanted to see the camp thrive.  Supporters got behind the project with three-year pledges of over $1,000,000.00.  Three years later all the pledges were paid in full.

We are now involved with the camp again on a second capital campaign. 

Gord Hallett, Faith Based Fundraising

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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