New Land, New Building

New Church Build in Capital City


It started out as a church plant and with a few committed people, they forged ahead.  Week after week, year after year they were a faithful bunch.  Always in rented facilities, never owning their own church.  For eighteen years, this church worshipped in rented space.  Eventually they found themselves in a very difficult spot.  They were $50,000.00 in debt and their attendance had been declining for the past five years.

With 250 people remaining, they hired their fourth senior pastor.  Within one year they had paid off their debt and began to see an increase in Sunday attendance.  Hope was alive and they could feel it.

By year two they found themselves in a full-fledged capital campaign.  They wanted to own their own land and building.  Now more paying rent.  The Steering Committee was put in place.  A campaign director, prayer team leader, children’s director, all church event team leader, promotion director.  The stage was set, their goal was $1,000,000.00.  Could they do the impossible. 

By now the church was experiencing good growth.  Many in the church were new Christians.  The question was, would they become involved and give.

Early in the second year of the campaign they had already purchased six acres of land and had it completely paid for.  By year three they were just short of the million.  They had a building committee put in place and were well on their way to having their own church.

I often say that there are several factors that influence the outcome of a capital campaign.  First is the type of project.  New Building (high appeal), Renovation (not quite so high), and Debt Reduction (much lower appeal).  The type of church: forward thinking and growth oriented churches tend to be more successful than the maintenance oriented churches.  Then there is vision and the faith factor, which greatly impacted this project.  The people caught the vision for what God could do when they all jumped on board and worked together to reach out to their neighbors and friends.  It wasn’t so much about the new building or the money.  In the end, it was about capturing the hearts of the congregation that made it a great success.

Gord Hallett, Faith Based Fundraising

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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