Resources for Campaign Success

At Faith Based Fundraising, we believe that any money raising project for a church capital campaign project, renovation, or debt reduction starts with a solid understanding of the process. We've created many informative articles to help you navigate through the world of church-based fundraising. Contact us if you'd like to discuss any of these topics further!

Church Fundraising FAQsTo Hire a Consultant or not … that is the question

“No way!” said one elder when the question of using outside fund-raising help was suggested.

‘We’re crazy if we don’t!’ said another after listening thoughtfully to the pros and cons.

The response of these two leaders from the same church, illustrates the differing and often volatile responses church leaders and members have to the subject of whether or not to hire outside expertise to raise large amounts for capital projects...Read More

Redefining StewardshipAs we consider our response to a church campaign or appeal, we may hear the term ‘Stewardship’ used from time to time. This important term is often misinterpreted to just refer to money. In reality, stewardship is the management of God’s complete household, which includes our giftedness and talents, our resources and possessions, our time and our energy...Read More

Fundraising AssumptionsThere are certain assumptions that we at Faith Based Fundraising make in relation to campaigns for church capital projects. Assumptions form the unwritten code of why we do things.  The following are ideas that will have a major impact on the success achieved in your church's campaign... Read More

Giving from the HeartMost of us have heard of the concept of tithing as a basis for giving to the Lord’s work.  While tithing is certainly a biblical ideal (Malachi 3:10), we should never feel that it is a legalistic obligation required by God... Read More

Church Fundraising Founded on a Solid VisionFundraising involves clear vision-casting when it is done right.  What’s your vision?  Though your church may have a substantial financial need, it is unlikely that a finance-focused vision or a building-focused vision will be enough to motivate people to give... Read More