First Steps: Capital Campaign Preparation

Working with a Capital Campaign Coach for Church Fundraising Success

Getting ready for a capital campaign for a new church facility is the most important step you will take.  When you work with a capital campaign consultant like Faith Based Fundraising for your church fundraising initiative, you'll likely be asked to provide some confidential information such as:

  • How many attend the average worship service not including children?
  • What is the general budget total not including rentals or missions giving?
  • How many donors does the church have? How many non-donors?
  • How many family units does the church have?
  • How many church members are in the retirement years?
  • What does the church plan to build and what then are the needed funds.

This background information provides a basis for advising you as to how much you can raise in a capital campaign. Once a Faith Based Fundraising Coach has received this information, we analyze the data and write a financial potential report. With the report as a basis, we then prepare to work with you at a special campaign preparation meeting to create an effective capital campaign plan.

Projects that have the highest congregational appeal include those focused on renovation or relocation. Setting the correct goal from the start is very important.  If it is too high and not attained, it is discouraging to the congregation. If it is too low and reached early, some may not make a commitment.

The campaign preparation agenda usually involves setting the calendar so that it doesn’t interfere with current church activities, reviewing the church’s DNA so we include the correct types of components, discussing the best model for the campaign, and reviewing the church’s volunteer steering committee needs.

When you are ready to start, we will set you on the right path to success.

Gord Hallett, Faith Based Fundraising Coach

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