Why hire a coach?

Our expert campaign coach can help your church determine its giving potential, increase donations, and prevent the biggest campaign pitfalls, all at affordable prices.

Finding the resources to conduct ministry and build new churches is one of the biggest challenges church leaders face today. Why?

  1. Changing demographics: The stakeholders who have always given their tithe to the church are gradually passing on, and new, younger donors have different motivations and places to give.
  2. Changing priorities: There seems to be a move away from giving to buildings, towards giving to ministry and vision, which is not a bad thing, but contributes to the challenge of raising funds for a new church facility.

In today's church, it is not enough to ask for the offering to be collected on a given Sunday or an annual letter to be sent to the congregation. It requires regularly communicating a meaningful vision in a real environment to discerning parishioners over a prescribed period of time, followed by a reasonable request for a sacrificial response.Yet most church leaders are not adequately trained for engaging in this kind of strategic campaign to increase and guide giving from their church attendees.

That's where a capital campaign coach from Faith Based Fundraising comes in. Continue reading to find out how our experts can guide you and your church to capital campaign fundraising success.

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