Why Hire a Coach?

Affordable Rates for Positive Returns on Your Capital Campaign Investment

Hiring a campaign coach will produce returns for your church for years to come.

Church leaders often struggle over the decision to hire a professional fundraising coach for their capital campaigns for two main reasons:

  1. The perceived cost.
  2. What hiring a coach might communicate to the congregation.

While these are legitimate concerns, we can assure you that working with our Faith Based Fundraising coach will not be an investment you regret. Not only does hiring a Faith Based Fundraising campaign coach put your church on a track to better financial stability for years to come, we also provide consulting rates that are incredibly affordable compared to other fundraising consultancies. Some items we consider in assessing a fee include:

  • Size of the church: The number of people in your congregation will determine how many meetings will be needed, which influences overall workload for the project as a whole.
  • Denominational: Some churches regularly teach stewardship principles, making it easier to promote fundraising efforts. Others do not teach stewardship requiring that we start virtually from scratch.
  • Access to information: Is information readily available from the church bookkeeper, including names of potential key donors? Is your database clean and recently confirmed? These factors contribute to how well we can assess the fundraising potential of your church.
  • Church ministries: Is the church already heavily loaded with programming that limits potential volunteers to assist with the campaign?  Are there small groups functioning that we can utilize to share the vision with the congregation? These considerations impact how much work will be required to recruit volunteers and set up meetings with churchgoers.
  • Talent in the church: Are there creative people who can lead the charge in designing marketing materials, creating multimedia presentations, and handling other promotional efforts? If not, we will be required to outsource such work for which extra charges will be required.

After we've considered all of these factors, we will be better able to assess a customized rate schedule for your church. We're confident that when you compare our rates to other fundraising agencies in the area, you'll find their fees and unnecessary travel expenses far higher than what we can offer. Contact us today to receive a quote for consulting with your church for your next capital campaign.

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