Why Hire a Coach?

In Depth Giving Potential Analysis

You cannot know how much your church is capable of raising without an in depth giving potential analysis.

One of the keys to running a successful campaign is starting with the right information. For that, your church needs an in depth analysis of your church's giving potential. Without this infomration, it is impossible to estimate how much your church can raise and how to strategically approach your congregation.

At Faith Based Fundraising, we provide a financial assessment of your church which analyzes your database as to the following:

  1. Number of donors
  2. How long they have been part of your congregation
  3. Their age range
  4. The types of jobs they have
  5. How often they give
  6. How much they give

Without compromising your privacy, we compare a donor’s age range with their giving habits and their station in life (job etc), and provide a summary report and recommendation of how much we feel you can raise in a well-run fully directed capital campaign.

To receive a full donor giving analysis for your church, contact our Faith Based Fundraising coach today!

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