Why Hire a Coach?

Increasing Your Church's Financial Potential

Hiring a campaign coach may help your church raise 2x what it would otherwise raise on its own.

We regularly hear comments like these:

  • We know what this is all about - getting money from us to build a new church.
  • Why not just ask us and we will give?

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  • We don't need a complicated, expensive campaign to find the funds - people will just give!

While these are reasonable comments, the truth is that if your church goes it alone by running your own campaign, you may only raise 50% of what a coach feels you can raise. So how does hiring outside help make it possible for your church to raise more than you'd anticipate?

  1. A proven plan: Faith Based Fundraising will help your church develop a proven plan and lend problem solving experience to navigate challenges.
  2. Developing your leaders: Our experienced campaign coach helps develop future leaders who become pivotal in your campaign's success.
  3. Casting the vision: Fundraising is mostly vision casting and creating community connections which we emphasize all throughout the campaign. You decide on your vision, we help shape it into a marketable piece.
  4. Increasing operational giving: We will coach your pastor on what to include in a series of sermons on stewardship education, which will help develop your church into a long-term stewardship community. This almost always improves giving to the general operating budget, which benefits your church's bottom line for years to come.
  5. Freeing ministry staff to do what they're best at: A well-planned and implemented campaign takes the pressure off of your pastors to raise the funds, freeing them to do their regular ministries.

Ultimately, good coaching can help your church raise double what a church would raise on your own. What's more, if your campaign reaches its goal, it saves money through capital accumulation vs. borrowing. In the end, by raising more money through your capital campaign, increasing giving to your operating budget, and saving your church loan interest payments, your church will be on better financial footing with a capital campaign coach than it would be on its own.

If you'd like to know how a capital campaign could put your church on more solid financial footing for years to come, contact us to find out more!

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