Why Hire a Coach?

Preventing Self-Led Campaign Mistakes

An experienced capital campaign coach will help you avoid the most common pitfalls of self-led fundraising campaigns.

Our coach has been involved in self-directed campaigns, and has found that they result in several challenges for those involved:

  • Self-led campaigns create a lot more work for staff and volunteers.
  • Once complete, the leadership is often burnt out.
  • The outcome of self-led campaigns is usually 50-60% of what we feel the church has the potential to raise.

Without an experienced coach, a church will struggle with planning and setting a calendar sometimes because of their lack of understanding of the process. This is due to the fact that most self-led campaigns are based on book knowledge or anecdotal experiences from past campaigns, both of which fail to provide sufficient guidance for actually leading and developing a successful capital campaign.

The following are some of the mistakes made by those attempting to develop a self-directed capital campaign:

  1. Inadequate volunteer resource planning: Inexperienced campaign leaders underestimate how much time campaigns require, and therefore fail to recruit sufficient volunteers or prepare them for the responsibilities they are about to accept. Helping guide volunteers amidst their other responsibilities is a key skill provided by experienced campaign coaches.
  2. Incomplete vision casting: Churches often experience limited congregational participation because recruitment and roles are not understood. We help you develop a compelling vision and then give you the communication tools necessary to get your congregation excited about the goals.
  3. Missing campaign components: Without the vast experience of a campaign coach, churches often reinvent capital stewardship campaign plans leaving out key components in the process.
  4. Insufficient resources and training: Without access to materials from similar campaigns, you are limited in support materials. Our experienced coach can provide all the support materials you require to train up your volunteers for success.
  5. Failure to guide volunteers: Campaign participants often fail to completely carry out their assignments without regular encouragement from a coach on site. Our coach provide the guidance and prompting your volunteers need to get the job done.
  6. Missing fundraising goals: Churches often overestimate giving potential and as a result, fall short of their goal. Our coach will help develop realistic targets and give your church the tools it needs to make those goals a reality.

With a seasoned campaign coach from Faith Based Fundraising, you'll avoid these common pitfalls and achieve much greater success with less hassle and headache. Talk to us soon to find out how you can avoid these common mistakes by using a trusted Faith Based Fundraising coach.

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